Why Choose BDMotorcyclist

The BDMotorcyclist (BDM) is the only platform that offers comprehensive motorcycle skills development training programs throughout locations across Bangladesh. Motorcyclists from all walks of life, both beginner and seasoned riders alike, choose BDM as an ongoing partner in developing paths towards long-term safe and enjoyable motorcycling careers.

Our RiderCoaches

We have a pool of professionally trained RiderCoaches who have plenty of experience which is unique and lot more to learn from them.

Riaz Uddin Ahamed

Chief RiderCoach

Led growth and expansions, along with operations, at the fastest growing tech start up in Bangladesh – Pathao. Launched ride sharing from scratch, built multiple cities to different countries, and scaled the company in a heated market. 

Founded BDMotorcyclist & Cloud Kitchen. Cloud Kitchen is a full stack food delivery platform leveraging cloud kitchens, technology driven logistics, and mobile commerce, bringing the entire F&B value chain together through technology and app platforms. 

Founded BDMotorcyclist Inc as profitable organisation based on Safety motorbiking and Two wheel tourism based modality. Launched the first defensive motorbike training for the number one telecom operator Grameenphone Ltd for 2000 employees. Also launched the program in different nation.

Hasan Muhammad

Senior RiderCoach

This is Hasan Muhammad, a Bangladeshi Motorcyclist. I’ve been using motorcycle for regular travel as long I can remember and BDMotorcyclist expedited me to master safe motorcycle riding style. My years of experience encouraged me to become one of the RiderCoach at BDMotorcyclist and I’m sharing the knowledge to improve riding skills for others.

Raisul Dewan

Track Specialist

A professional rider coach from BDMotorcyclist. For the past 8 years, I have been involved with various activities of BDM. Currently, I am working as one of the rider coaches of the motorbiking training program offered by BDM. My specialisation is in field training; more specifically, track building, track routing and route mapping. In order to decrease road accidents, the goal of this defensive training program is to prevent unnecessary risks while riding and help the riders to become more aware of ignorant behaviours Overall, along with my team, my task is to design an appropriate track in coordination with the riders on-job routes, so that the riders feel comfortable.

Abu Siddique Mollah

Track Specialist

A professional rider coach from BDMotorcyclist. From 2019 I have been involved with BDM activities. Now a days I am working as a rider coach of defensive motorbike training program organised by BDM. My role is in the field to plan a track route, build the track for the trainee riders. Me along with my team members also demonstrate to the trainee rider how they can ride safely over the track we build for them. BDM is working with a great motive is to prevent road accidents, unnecessary risk while riding and we also show the riders how they should wear the riding gears properly.

Jahid Islam

Track Specialist

Jahid is one of the biggest motorcycle enthusiast of BDMotorcyclist. Currently working as Track Specialist for us. His special skills includes safe riding, rescue sergeant, drafting and group riding. Jahid loves to be well fitted always. Gym and body building is his hobby

Minhaz Uddin Ahamed

Track Specialist

Young, energetic and professional rider coach from BDMotorcyclist. In order to decrease road accidents, the goal of the training program is to prevent unnecessary risks while riding, also help the riders to become more aware of ignorant behaviours. I am responsible to design an appropriate track in coordination with the riders on-job routes to ensure they have the perfect experience of all type of road condition along with all type of tough situation.

Hasibul Haque

Track Specialist

Hasibul Haque is with BDMotorcyclist for past 9 years.
He has covered more than 70000 km on highway with BDMotorcyclist in different regions to different road condition across the country. He is also involved in various social development projects with BDMotorcyclist, such as “Food for Underprivileged”, “Distributing sewing machines to poor people”, “Collaborating with Animal Welfare organisation to protect the street dogs for dog”.

Hasibul is responsible for design the mid level track with the team mates.

Khondokar Atik Israk

Senior Track Specialist

He has been associated with BDM for the last 11 years. More than 100K KM experience in different rural, regional, national and international highway. Israk is responsible for Riders psychology building besides develop the critical track.

Rashed Nizam Biplu

Senior RiderCoach

Md. Rashed Nizam Biplu, a Bangladeshi Motorcyclist has been working as a Producer in Television news department for 14 years. Also he is has completed 300K KM in different region to different country. His years of experience bring growth at BDM as he is one of the senior Rider Coach at BDMotorcyclist. Also Rashed is one of the founding member of BDMotorcyclist. Rashed is responsible for share the knowledge to improve riding skills for others. A professional rider from BDMotorcyclist. For the past 11 years, he is involved with various activities of BDM.

Nur Hossain Faisal

Track Specialist

Nur Hossain Faisal is another young energetic member of this team. He is focused of motorcycle stunt and two wheel tourism. As a stunt expert he knows the integrity of safety riding and emphasises on this particular area in the professional level training. 

Syed Naseer Uddin Ahmed

Senior RiderCoach

This is Raffee from BDMotorcyclist. I have been riding motorbikes since a very long time. But for the last 7 years, I have been riding with BDM as a regular member and almost all of my highway riding skills that I learnt was from my fellow co-riders of BDM. I learnt mostly about Meticulous and tight-knit riding formation, street and highway traffic rules and condition readings and am currently working as a Senior RiderCoach at BDMotorcyclist on their Defensive Motorbike Training Programme. My job is to provide the most authentic information on basic and advanced motorbike riding for any and every motor bikers that ride everyday to and from work or who ride out of sheer passion and also teach them to advance on their riding skills in any sudden or difficult situations that may come their way.

If you are looking forward to a training on advance riding skills and tactics of motorbikes, well, BDM is the only place for you.

Md Kamrul Hasan ovi

Track Specialist

Showeb Touhid

RiderCoach Apprentice

Showeb is fresh graduate from Chittagong University, who is young and energetic first Management Trainee under this RiderCoach program.